Creating Generational Value Through Commercial Real Estate Solutions

The Khoshbin Company focuses on repurposing commercial real estate to core need of the community

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With a vision to repurpose underperforming properties to align with the goals and vision of the community, The Khoshbin Company was founded based on creating value for the tenants, investors, city, and the community.

Opportunistic acquisitions

Opportunistic acquisitions

With a vast network of relationships throughout the US market, we can find and identify opportunistic deals which fits our acquisition criteria across different product types

Efficient Asset Management

Efficient Asset Management

with a hands-on approach, The Khoshbin Company optimizes the returns of the project by catering to essential needs of the tenants and what is desired by the market, eliminating extensive overheads which often creates a barrier to value-creation

Constant Returns

Constant Returns

The combination of efficient property management, asset management, acquisition, and decades of experience allows the Khoshbin Company to provide constant and above average returns to its investors and cater top of the line product to its tenants.

With over 30 years of operating history, The Khoshbin Company's track record is a testament to its high performance

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